Welcome to the new & improved ScentBase!

August 10, 2017

Hello, lovelies! I know this has been a long time coming, and I'm so grateful for your patience. I hope you find the new ScentBase faster, easier, and ultimately more useful.

Some of the new features you can look forward to:

One-click ratings
Just click on a star to rate a scent and add it to your base. No need to navigate away from the page you're looking at, or spend time filling out forms (you can always add more info later).

Keep track of the scents you love most!

Move stuff around
Easily move things from Wishes to Scents or Swaps, and vice versa! Again, all without leaving the page. (We're really shooting for speed and ease of use here!)

Improved edits / flagging
Use a simple form to suggest edits to a scent. Just edit on the fly and submit for review. No need to spend your time writing out an explanation. (And it's much easier now for me to publish your corrections.) Are you an admin? Your edits go live immediately. No need to log in to a separate back end.

Improved privacy control
I've added granular privacy controls for specific bits of your profile. You can still mark the whole thing as private easily, but what if you want people to see your Swaps and Wishes, but not your Stash? Now you can control those areas individually. Also introducing: Friends Only!

Search your Base on the fly
Once your Base is loaded, you can easily search within the page. No need to reload. Find what you're looking for fast!

And then there's this design
Much better, amirite?

Possibly best of all... WE'RE MOBILE FRIENDLY, Y'ALL
Confession time: This is especially egregious, because I've been building all responsive (mobile friendly) sites for like five years. And I totally neglected you. I know. Bad Cam! No cookies! But it's here now, and I hope you love it.

And there's more to come... I have some other features in the works, based on feedback from all of you! I hope to roll those out soon, but for now, I hope you enjoy!

If you run into any bugs, or have questions, please drop me a line at cam@scentbase.com.







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