NA October update live — featuring Zombies!

October 02, 2009

Nocturne Alchemy's October update is live... and they've got ZOMBIES! And Sph'yder Venom... yum. Featuring: Zombie NA: Heretic King Part One: NA Zombies, story from the imagination of Emerson Hart. "We must leave the Kingdom now," The Pharaoh said to the Queen, "there isn't much time before they get here." "My love I cannot leave without my Bast." She said. "Where is he?" "I have searched the entire Kingdom and I cannot find him." "My Queen we must leave with or without him." The Queen stopped moving around the room and only stood still when the Pharaoh took her into his arms, her eyes continued to search. The servants packed jewels and beautiful gowns and exotic perfumed oils as their Regents embraced. After a moment the Pharaoh let go and walked, without haste, out of the room. They continued to pack and the Queen continued to call for Bast. Down the corridor the Pharaoh called upon the Aten, in a whisper, to help him get everyone out of the Kingdom alive. Then in an odd change of events the Pharaoh found himself out by the Nile, transported there as if my magic. The Aten then spoke to him through the last minutes of sunlight, "Pharaoh unto the Aten, do not fall to them as their army breaches the gates of this Kingdom. Fight until your very last breath is of my name." "Aten, why are you telling me this? What is it I must fight? No one believes me and still there is no one at our gate. Everyone looks at me as if I am the 'mad' Pharaoh and not simply the Heretic King." "Belief will come too late for those that falter what advance warning you offer. Save those closest to you and yourself. There is no more time." The light that beamed up into the sky off of the last shred of the days horizon went out. Night had come and in the quickening of the night a growling could be heard from the sound of many mouths. The Pharaoh turned back to his Kingdom along the water of Egypt, took a deep breath, put his hand on his gold sword and ran to the gates of the Kingdom to fight alongside his army. Caramel of Zombie flesh, Skin of a Zombied Pumpkin, Crawling Fig from a Zombie tree, Cinnamon from under a Zombie's fingernails, Clove and Allspice from the breath of a Heretic King. Zombie NA: Heretic Queen Part Two: NA Zombies, story from the imagination of Emerson Hart. "There you are Bast, where have you been?" The Queen said picking up her cat. Only the ones closest to Bast could understand the meowing as language. Only the ones Bast allowed could understand the sound of his breath as words of meaning. "I have been in search of the news my Queen." The cat said. "And what have you found?" She asked. "You must believe me my Queen, for the truth is not what you might expect and something extraordinary has occured. I know they are coming." "And what are they Bast?" She said more concerned now. "They are of the dead. They are angry and very hungry for what we have." "Who are they Bast? Why are they so angry? What is it they want?" "They are from the Underworld. It seems a plague has come to them for their disbelief." "Their disbelief of what?" She asked. "Their disbelief that they are damned and they have no Aten to turn to. It seems Osiris has turned them away from his Kingdom because they rebel against his authority as their God and still our God, Aten, will not allow them back into our world and so they pushed up on the Earth until they broke free. Osiris cursed them for leaving and now they are turned into exactly as they had been mummified and they walk freely in search of life to give them sustenance." "This is horrible news Bast, something not even us Royals know how to begin to understand least of all fight. Thank you old friend. A cat always hear what we humans cannot, especially the Pharaoh and Queen of this land. We must save our people..." She began to say but Bast interrupted, "No my Queen you must save yourself, they are of the undead and cannot be stopped, they will destroy all of Egypt. And the worst of all my Queen, they hunger for our essence." "What can we do?" She asked falling to her knees, exasperated of all cause letting Bast leave her arms and landing on all four paws. "There is nothing we can." And then he thought, "Wait, there is someone I can ask but we have very little time. Make your way to the Barge my Queen and I will come shortly. Do not forget my play toys, especially my red mouser." Bast took to running as fast as he could down the corridor. A giant crashing sound rumbled the marble halls of the Kingdom. They had arrived and had broken free of the gates the Pharaoh and the Army of Egypt protected. Blue Resin and Incense of Cairo, Rose resin of Somalia, Black Raspberry Red Tea Leaves, Muguet, Pine, Egyptian Cotton and Limonene. Zombie NA: Zombie Bast Part Three: NA Zombies, story from the imagination of Emerson Hart. Bast stumbled as the walls of the Kingdom shook and after a moment he returned to running through the Kingdom toward the Temple of Bast where he still prayed secretly to his Goddess Bastet. "Oh Bastet, watcher of love and light, please help me and my Pharaoh and Queen. Please speak to me and tell me what I must do." A voice came from behind the kneeling Bast. The cat turned his head and saw Anubis standing in the shadows. Something seemed wrong with him. "There are no Gods where we are going old friend." Anubis said, once proud and keeper of the Dead, now his voice was broken and feeble. "Anubis, you startled me." Bast said, "What are they?" "I can only but show you old friend. We are not enemies, we are of the same and yet this disease Osiris has released has set things in terrible motion. Do not fear me, for I still am of my own mind, something a Deity cannot forget, but I must show you so that you can understand." Anubis took a few steps forward into the light of the candles on the Temple walls. He was no longer the dark jackal of the desert that howled at the passers of the dead, instead he was a sickly dog that lacked power in his eyes the way all animals do. His body had been stricken from the curse of Osiris and malnourished of any energy. "It seems Osiris was not choosing to his plague and all of us in the Underworld have been stricken, both believer and not." Anubis said. "Oh my Lord, my dark Lord what has Osiris done?" Bast asked in complete shock. "He has given us reason to believe again, but in doing so he has releashed his hatred on all of us...including the Overworld here in Egypt." "Is there anything we can do Nubi?" Bast asked. "Feed them." Anubis said staring slowly at Bast's arm. "Feed them because they hunger." "Anubis!" Bast said with concern, "Anubis, I know the game in which we have played for centuries; Information for something else in return. What is it you want from me for answers to solve this problem and rid them of our land?" Bast turned his head up and wrinkled his brow bothered by the way Anubis looked at him. "I am hungry old friend. Feed me something of yours and I will give you the answer." He said distressed from the ache in his stomach for food. Bast looked around and saw bowls of offerings of fruit, oils, incense and flowers for the Goddess Bastet. He went to reach for the fruit half abating the statue of Bastet that looked down upon him. He held the bowl and looked down into it. A small reflection of himself and his own Bastet form looked back at him through the silver between the fruit. He put the bowl back down and looked up at Anubis. He lifted his left arm to Anubis. It was all he could offer in such a timeless moment, the plague and its army were attacking the Kingdom and his heart belonged to those of Royalty. "Will this hurt?" Bast asked as Anubis seemed to run over to him and held his arm just below his wide opened mouth where teeth seemed sharp as razors. "Hurt? Not anymore than living under false Gods. And yes, if you speak of pain then yes, it will." Anubis opened his mouth wide and from outside of the Temple amidst the sound of the army of the undead laying their attack on the Kingdom, the sound of a cat screaming beveled itself and echoed in its own suffering. Halloween Pumpkin Pastry filled with cream, Incense of Nag Champa Powder, Dark Chocolate offerings with shaved zest of Orange and creme de Zombie (bowl of milk for kitty). Zombie NA: Zombie Nubi Part Four: NA Zombies, story from the imagination of Emerson Hart. In the remaining hours that followed, the Army of Egypt and the Pharaoh, the Queen and their cat, had all fallen victim to the bite of the plague. Deep down in the Underworld, Osiris watched through the golden sand above him how the story began to play out. "Anubis," the God said releasing a strong hard voice that echoed up into the world, "come here now!" The God beckoned for the now Zombie Anubis. Even in his state of mindless hunger the Lord Anubis went to his God Osiris. "Master." He said seething from his mouth. "I grow weary of this land and all this noise. Take the people turned away from both RA and Osiris and send them into the depths of the Ocean. Make them walk through the mountains, through the hot sands and let them fall apart by the Nile but I dare you to bring them here lest I destroy all that you are and all that you ever will be in this Underworld." Osiris's temper grew until his eyes flashed red and Anubis wiped his mouth and stood upright holding his Ankh staff. "Sire, I will send them to their deaths in the depth of the ocean. After I have done so, may I have the seat to your right again?" "Yes my Nubi, you will have your throne again and we will start over with a new Pharaoh and a new Queen and our land here, below, will rule Egypt the way we have always intended." Osiris sneered and then waved the dog away as if his stench had begun to disgust the God. Anubis beckoned to the Zombies and under the lead of the Heretic King and Queen the people of Egypt turned Zombie followed them for hundreds of miles deep into the sea until it devoured them out of existence never to be heard from again. In the throne room of the little Princess Cleopatra, the little girl in beautiful silk and cottons looked up at the storyteller unamused at such a horrid story and asked, "What kind of name is Nubi?" The storyteller closed his book, shook his head and got up from his reading chair. "Wait," she said running after him tugging at his cloak, "tell me the story about the Queen Cleopatra again. I want to hear that one again, the one where the Princess turns into a great Queen of Egypt and rules all the lands around her and the Zombies bow to her every morning and offer her fresh sweets. Tell that one again!" She exclaimed! The storyteller rolled his eyes, took a deep breath and closed the door to her room behind him. The End? Vanilla Bean flecks, South African Red Tea, Freshly sliced Zombie Apples all boiled together in a rich blue sugar and caramel sauce. Sph'yder Venom In the NA tradition of Cobra Venom, Asp Venom, Bee Venom and Cobra Venom 2 — we bring you a Halloween treat... This Halloween Season wear the scent of the Sph'yder and let its venemous scent attract your prey. It is creeping along the sands of Egypt piercing appendages in check the scent of black-sun-aged-apple skin rotting under the heat of the gold sand. Spice of Cinnamon and Clove breathe through the sand turning each tiny sand crystal into caramelized vanilla sugar and as the heat envelopes the sugar the smoke of incense rises from brown sand and onto the creeping predaceous arachnid body. In Ancient Egypt the spider is spoken via religious reverence. The arachnid, of the order Araneae, with poisoned fangs and an abdomen where silk is harvested, the spider was indeed a creature of the Underworld and a host for Anubis or any dark God of the same genus to walk upon the Overworld in its body. The "weaver of lies" and "foreboding night attacks", the Spider was and always will remain a creepy crawly of its namesake and the poison is a direct path to the Underworld. Blackened Halloween Apple Flesh, Whole Cinnamon and Black Clove Dust, Vanilla Caramelized Egyptian Sugar, Quiet wafts of Incense and a whisper of Carved Pumpkin Essense. * Sph'yder Anti-Venom: Candy Corn, Golden Caramel, Caramelized Amber, Nokturne:Sapphire and Vanilla Candied Sph'yder webs. Dendera Zodiac: Horus Our Tenth of twelve Zodiac signs of the Dendera Zodiac. A little history: Discovered at the Temple of Hathor in Dendera, central Egypt. A stela of a zodiac before the more known Greek zodiac even appeared. The Dendera Zodiac was divided into 18 animal constellations. The Egyptians did not use their zodiac for natal astrology as we have inherited our astrological signs. Instead they were determined by the Egyptian months of the year which was a plateau for the use of the constellation above all things Egyptian. Even the Pyramids of Giza are a part of that mapping of the stars. Animals, creatures and Deities represent the Dendera Zodiac and those born under the stars. This is our interpretation of that Stela in twelve parts. Dendera Zodiac: Horus Horus is the god of the shining sun. Those born under this sign would risk their lives to avenge father's death. They courageously face dangers and seldom forestall catastrophes. Strengths: optimistic, brilliantly sociable and motivated to win the best in life. Weaknesses: unrealistic, stubborn and reluctant to confront problems. Jobs assumed: politicians and media. -Egyptian Government- We do not interpret the meaning — we interpret the stars and the scent within that meaning. This is the scent of the writing Temple of Horus. Heliotrope, Baby Powder, Vanilla Sugar, Sweet Flower, Ameretto and a hint of coconut milk. This edition of the Dendera Zodiac perfume collection will morph from Upper Egypt to Lower Egypt on your skin. *****Deep above the skies the Horus God bears his wings and glides over the living below. He sees what is, what will be and what is to come.***** This scent has a creation of layers. Smelling it close, an inch away, at arms length and from another — as if looking at the stars and being up close next to the powerful energy of the Gods. A morphing oil by all means. Once placed on the wrist let it sit for a spell. Then return to the bottle and you will think you are wearing something other than what is in the bottle. Morph represented here for soaring on the wings of the God Horus and for inhaling quiet moments into the changing of the seasons. Darker Egypt Darkness set itself as the sun fell deep into oblivion. An Egypt full of stars and darkness and of the Moon and her soft caress ensued. Sleep still my Kingdom as your Pharaoh and Queen take to the Nile toward the Underworld in which they seek. We all seek something. Sometimes answers are within the shadows and the shadows are what we seek. This scent is the answer to some questions and still not exactly what you want to know but what they wish to whisper to you in dreams and aroma. The scent of a Darker Egypt, full of darkened Kyphi and incense, the scent of Anubis blood and Cloves, the aroma of sweet nite and quiet stillness. Black Honey, Anubis Blood, Raisin Wine, Red Blood Wine, Saffron, Lime and spices of Clove and Sacred Incense-infused blessings to enrich this dark kyphi 'wine' as a vessel to the Darker Egypt. The Summoning Cont. from Mummy Wrappings... The Summoning was the time of balance, the All Hallows' Eve of Darkness and Light. The Summoning brings forth all Deities of the Underworld and all Deities of the Overworld and unites them in one realm alongside the mortals of Egypt that summon them. It is a time when the star-fire is ignited and the aroma of it's smoke travels and gathers Demon and Deity alike. During the Summoning sweets and fruits are offered to stop the relish of darkness from stepping over their side during the meeting. Wines and drinks are offered as well as flowers and perfumes that cannot be taken above or below the mortal world. It is said that during one Summoning the demons from the Underworld were too many and overshadowed the Overworld and the Deities from above. The one they call Men'kha-res crossed over the line and took for himself his own offering of the Pharaoh's daughter. Deep into the Underworld he returned to his domain and the young Princess was never heard from again. It is said the Pharaoh grew old quickly at the loss of his favourite daughter and waited ten years for the next Summoning. On his deathbed the Pharaoh rose and made his way to light the star-fire. As the scent of the star-fire made its way to the Underworld Men'kha-res came above enticed by the smoke. As he reached the mortal realm the Pharaoh's priests trapped him and placed spells on him until his living flesh returned to his corporeal body. "I ban you to eternal damnation Men'kha-res," the Pharaoh said, "where you will rot in a box with only your breath to keep you company." Men'kha-res responded, "I have eaten your daughter my dear Pharaoh and my company in which you speak with be the breath of her flesh on my tongue." With that the Pharaoh's Priests spoke from the Book of the Dead and sealed the demon (now turned human) in his tomb. The Summoning has not been spoken of since as the Star-fire was taken by the Pharaoh and purposely lost in the desert of Egypt never to be used again. Soon after the Pharaoh succombed to an early death but he smiled on his deathbed knowing he had made a place in the Underworld for what he had done to Men'kha-res. But it was well worth it. In a dark shadow below the sands of Egypt, Anubis whispers to the wind..."The Summoning will continue, for I have the star-fire and I shall bring balance again as I tire of watching mortality go asunder". Sacred Black Frankincense Resin, Myrrh Resin, Black Coconut, Coconut Crystal and Black Sugar. Hathor's Spiced Coffee Cake An offering on All Hallows' Eve. The scent of spice and coffee cake mingles under the street lamps as children run through the yards up to the doors of strangers and knock for their trick or treats. Hathor wanted to offer a scent warm and inviting and reminiscent of Halloween. Butter notes of Vanilla cake, delicious spices from the Hathor's Kitchen cupboard, grated cinnamon and nutmeg from a spooky garden, Coffee Bean E/O and a drop of delectable Ghost Cream.







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