NA's anniversary update is LIVE!

October 17, 2009

Nocturne Alchemy's anniversary Forum Exclusive update is now live at This looks fantastic!


Sacred Kyphi Perfume Oil & Box of Sacred Resins — $69 LIMITED to 69 sets
Brass & Wooden Cencer for burning Resins — $10
Supreme Deity Collection: AGameofThree — Djeser-Djeseru — $13

From the update:

Sacred Kyphi must be smelled from the bottle and then as you drop some on your skin let it transform, bond and bloom with your own individual chemistry. Everyday it will smell another way. This is what is Sacred about following a path — sometimes the path is what you expect it to be, sometimes it is not and still...sometimes the path is the realization it is only a path but it is you that chooses where to move; forward, backward or still. In the voice of the Ancients — do not associate anything with this scent...let it find you and change with you. It is meant to be worn alone but you can add any Nokturne to change the perfume benefits of what it is. RA recommends ANY of the Nokturnes. Be the Alchemist.

Presenting Nocturne Alchemy's TWO Year in the making ode to Ancient Egypt — our Sacred Kyphi interpreted by RA, lead perfumist of NA, from inscribed glyph and from components found around the world.

"It has taken us many many attempts at triangulating the perfect Kyphi but without an expert from the Ancient era we only had ancient recipes to transcribe into our best attempts at English and then the actual amounts to exact the depth of what Kyphi has every right to be was a work of art all by itself. Following many months prior to our beginning quest of Sacred Kyphi we came to recognize some components that no longer exist. Some components were completely different in name and text symbolism — that an actual journey to Egypt occurred in early 2008 to become hands on with the hieratic, Egyptologist interpretation and from samplings from many original regions of the different types of Kyphi. All of this to create something that would involve a year of research, time actually spent in Egypt, more research and then the alchemy of measurement and of course — the nose.

We trust that what we have interpreted here is our best and most precious Sacred Kyphi to date. The oil alone would measure thousands of dollars in terms of trial and error but I only want the best from NA to you and this is our ode to what is Sacred to us, Perfume and Egypt." — RA

Included with the oil, are ten glass bottles in 3 sizes of incense resin, powder and rock. RA has also included a little sacred sage to burn in your home to rid negative NRG and spirits before lighting any incense. From RA and Nocturne Alchemy — we must say that it is pertinent that you light your incense outdoors as fractionated until you are comfortable with lighting outside near an open window to your home. We like to light Dragon and Anubis Blood incense outside and open a window from one side of the lab or home to the other so that it cleanses the entire home and everything in it. Kitties and doggies and birdies and most animals do not do well with any type of incense smoke, offering oil or charcoal tablets (ie bbq as well) so please use everything pertaining to smoke with caution to animals, small children and others. *Please do not use BBQ charcoal because that is filled with the chemicals and is not meant for incense and resin burning.

7ml limited cobalt triangular bottle randomly hand numbered from 1 to 69 bottles.

Glass bottles are in 3 sizes with Alchemist CORK lids — 1/2oz, 5 dram and 10 dram based on size of resin, rock and powder:
Incense Resins in pure, rock and powdered forms;

NA Amber Resin
Sweet Egyptian Frankincense
Arabian Red Myrrh
Egyptian Sandalwood Powder
Sumatran Benzoin
Queen of Heaven & Egypt
Temple Nile
Egyptian & Moroccan Rose
Anubis/Dragon Blood Resin
Arabian White Copal

1 baggie of Sacred Sage leaves.

Everything comes in a BEAUTIFUL 4" x 6" wooden box inlaid with a brass Eye of Horus for protection.

1 roll of charcoal tablets.

All Incense and Resin have Sacred meanings behind them for the Ancients and for healers and incense Lovers alike — use small fractions of incense pieces 1 at a time to discern their meaning and spiritual wakenings for you and then begin being your own alchemist by blending and burning together on a heated charcoal disk.

*Charcoal has instructions on the tablet wrapping.

**Best to use charcoal on sand in a censer. NA uses blue sand bought at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, any arts and crafts shop. You don't have to change out the sand, just throw the used disk in the trash after use or as we do — over the balcony (after days of being burned out) into the rose garden because the charcoal is food for the soil, even having been used and returned back to ash.

NA is offering a Censer as well — for those that do not own one. There is a very small quaint New Age shoppe here in SF that has offered to wholesale them for $10 and we are offering that to you as well so that you have all you will need to begin your journey into self discovery, self-induced-specific-enlightenment, meditation, healing with scent or simply playing the Alchemist with incense as the Ancients once did.

Sacred Kyphi
Galangal, Myrrh, Egyptian Juniper, Frankincence, Copal Resin, Base of Raisins in Raisin Red Wine, Camel Grass, Sweet Flag, Aspalathos, Virgin Mint, Amber Resin, Oasis White Wine, Crystalized Raw Honey, Spikenard, Saffron and added 1 component at a time boiled, reheated, set in the sun drying the sweet raisins and rehydrating them in beautiful crystal Oasis White wine. Two years from San Francisco to Egypt and back...thank you for being a part of THREE beautiful years of Nocturne Alchemy.







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