Updates from BPAL, Good Judy & Violette Market

July 26, 2010

This weekend saw new updates from some of our favorite etailers: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Good Judy and Violette Market.

BPAL brings us a lunacy update with Joyful Moon, along with Liberty, a scent benefitting the CBLDF that premiered at Comic Con, plus a few additions to the general catalog. Several new honeys have been added to Rappaccini's Apiary, and The Elfin Hill comes to Marchen.

Good Judy premiered a couple of new scents for the upcoming Friday the 13th this August: Friday the 13th 2010 and Saturday the 14th 2010.

Finally, Violette Market launched a cool new line: Lost at Sea, Chapter 1. Lost at Sea is a story told through scent. According to the website, "Lost at Sea is a perfume line and a creative story told through scent written entirely as journal entries. Chapter I, is the story of a young man who owns an apothecary shoppe in London. He is invited to sail with a merchant ship sailing to the East Indies so that he can purchase exotic spices and elixirs. During the voyage, things go terribly wrong, and the ship they are sailing on, The Ambassador, is attacked by pirates sailing on a ship called The Sea Dragon. The entire crew on The Ambassador is killed by the pirates and the young man is taken captive. He is terrified that he will be killed but fascinated by the pirate captain's unsual collection of oddities. The young man is eventually rescued by a cargo ship headed to England but not before he makes some extraordinary discoveries of his own. Each perfume is presented in a 5ml amber glass apothecary bottle and there are no samples available for this collection."

Take a look at these great new offerings! I know my wish list just got a lot longer.







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