About ScentBase

ScentBase is developed by Cam Collins.

It started out as a personal project. I'm a little on the hyper-organized side, and when I started getting into BPAL, I quickly discovered that I wanted a way to keep track of the scents I'd tried. My husband Ben suggested that I make the site public. If I needed this, surely other people did too, right? And the project bloomed (as did my scent addiction)!

I had originally intended to add all the scents myself. It quickly became apparent that there was no way I could keep up with that monumental task alone, especially as I discovered other etailers (Arcana, Possets, zomg Nocturne Alchemy! and more...). I soon realized that I wanted to keep track of all my scents, not just BPAL, and adding them all would be a lot of work.

I started working on taking the site public, adding user account registration, the ability for non-admin users to add scents and different brands. It's taken awhile, largely because this project has always had to take a back seat to paying work. However, it's finally ready to launch. I hope you enjoy ScentBase and find it as useful as I do. Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, etc.

Love, Cam

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