Updates from Arcana, Nocturne Alchemy, BPAL and Good Judy

November 14, 2009

The holiday season is always a busy time for our favorite etailers, and there have been a ton of updates and other special happenings lately.

Arcana has re-released some of their discontinued line of single notes. The single notes will be released in small groups for a very limited time (according to the Arcana Soaps Love LJ community, about a week, yikes!). Get these while you can!

Nocturne Alchemy's NAliday limited editions are live, as well as the November Forum Exclusive update (available this weekend only!).

Good Judy's Yule 2009: Dark & Light update is now available. Plus, for a limited time, they are holding a Yule Pass it On contest. Repost Good Judy updates on Facebook and Twitter for your chance to win the complete set of Yule 2009 perfumes! Click here to learn more.

All of these holiday scents have been added to ScentBase for your wish list making convenience! :)







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