Love is in the Air — Everywhere!

January 16, 2010

Love is in the air at some of our favorite etailers (and coming soon at others!). Some of the Valentine-inspired scents currently available include:

BPAL's Dark Delicacies Valentine Scents
Available at

Black Heart
Black Lace, Black Heart, and Black Death are all vastly different but utterly complimentary scents. They can be worn alone, or layered with one another seamlessly. Black Heart: Sweet pea, vanilla-infused sandalwood, bourbon vanilla, white honey, carnation, pomegranate, Vitis riparia, plum, and cognac.

Black Death
Black Lace, Black Heart, and Black Death are all vastly different but utterly complimentary scents. They can be worn alone, or layered with one another seamlessly. Black Death: East African patchouli, bay, tobacco, golden amber, blackened sandalwood, orange peel, lemon verbena, clove, and a touch of lime.

But no Lupercalia update yet. I'm on pins & needles here, and I'm sure I'm not alone. (But we're patient, labbies! We love you!)

Conjure Oils' The Language of Love — Lupercalia 2010
Available at

Aloha Wau Ia Oi
a gorgeous and opulent blend of pikake blossoms, ti leaves, umi'umi-o-dole, maile vine, Hawaiian ginger and coconut cream, rounded out with a splash of pineapple

Ana Moajaba Bik
a complex and mysterious melange of black musk incense, white sandalwood, spicy red carnation, oud, and Moroccan geranium with a sparkle of sweet orange

a serene floral and tea scent — cherry blossoms, ozone, sweet osmanthus, green tea, jasmine blossoms, wisteria and bamboo leaves

Kocham Cie
refreshing and inspiring red poppy blossoms compliment freesia, fresh grass, lily of the valley and windswept pine boughs

Mahal Kita
capturing the heart of the rainforest — teakwood is blended with lush orchid and coconut water, sweetened with starfruit and papaya nectar

Sarang Heyo
sacred and beneficent — the slightest whispers of pine resin, cinnamon and thyme merge with the holy scents of aloeswood, red sandalwood and magnolia

Seni Seviyorum
nearly as delectable as baklava — orange blossom honey is slathered between layers of dried figs, almonds, apricots and quince

another scent for the sweet lover in you — vanilla sponge cake soaked in raspberry cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup

Táim In nGrá Leát
Irish Gaelic
an inspired scent that evokes swirling mists through ancient apple orchards, oak leaves, cool rain and emerald moss

Te Ubesc
a truly spellbinding brew of dog rose, cherry bark and mandrake compounded in a base of vanilla bean, tonka, witchgrass and sweet myrrh resin

Wo Ai Ni
Mandarin Chinese
gentle, soft, pure — white chrysanthemum is blended with sweet sandalwood, white opium, and mandarin orange with just a suggestion of warming ginger and clove

Conjure Oils' Lupercalia Resurrected

Don Juan
This sultry Spanish libertine's seductive folly led him straight to the gates of Hell, however the magnetic allure of his eponymous fragrance is nothing short of Heavenly.

saffron and Moorish woods are seduced by bundles of white lavender, masculine amber and black musk

Biblically, harlots were devoted prostitutes who worked in service of the great goddess Astarte, the Syrian Venus.

temple incense, dried roses, deep labdanum, osmanthus, tuberose and lascivious oud

Innocence Lost
Lolita never looked so sweet.

spun sugar, strawberry lollipops and pink musk

a character from the 1703 play The Fair Penitent, Lothario is a notorious ladies' man who steals the heart of Calista. The very word evokes sexuality and seduction.

the scent of scandalous betrayal. Fine leather Rococo furnishings, lush tapestries, rich imported tobacco and exotic chocolates to captivate the unexpecting

Scarlet Woman
The Thelemic Mother of Abominations — the Consort of Chaos.

fresh crimson roses, jasmine sambac, sultry red ginger, ambergris, champagne, cedar, black patchouli and a kiss of violet

Shunga were sexually explicit Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints produced in the 16th and 19th centuries. Men and women from all stations in life took great pleasure in these erotic "pillow books" as they were often given as gifts to newly-wedded couples. The lascivious images in these books were highly idealized, stylized and featured innumerable steamy situations with raw desire and opulent fantasy.

a suggestive blend of impassioned dark amber resin clinging to delicate white ginger lilies as tendrils of Asian opium smoke swirl about the charged atmosphere

Lush's Valentine's Day Products
Available at

Love Soap
Love soap looks as you'd expect it to with sparkles to put hearts aflutter and smells of our best-selling Sex Bomb, with all of its perfumed powers of seduction. We have jasmine, the queen of the night, a deep floral fragrance to help you relax, warm up your emotions and boost your confidence. Clary sage helps reduce tension and stop you panicking. Ylang ylang is beautiful and it's amazingly relaxing and helps you feel joyful. Can you think of anything better to give your beloved on Valentine's Day?

True Love Gift Set
There's nothing wrong with a bit of shameless romance, especially when you've got a satisfying mixture of bath and shower gifts inside, plus a vanilla massage bar for all the moves that come after dinner. We've wrapped up this selection of limited edition, and best-selling products in a glittery heart shaped box perfect for storing love letters in after you've bathed to your heart's content.

Be Mine Gift Set
If you'd like to make them yours, this is the one to give. Having your loved one's name tattooed on your body is one way of showing how much you care. We think we'll stick with the recycled paper version and get down to business with the products inside instead. There's our sensual jasmine shower gel Flying Fox, our kiss-inducing Honey Trap lip balm, and Soft Coeur, our seductive, melty cocoa and honey massage bar for sweet caresses.

Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar
We're good at love spells, although we only make them work on people who are available; they are useless on other people's boyfriends or girlfriends and anyone further down the commitment chain. Starting with its charming mushroom shape we added two enchanting scents – Vanillary in the white parts and fruity Yummy Yummy in the red cap – to bewitch everyone who bathes with it. Use it with your favourite fungi and you'll soon be making magic.

The Ex Factor Bath Bomb
This is our antidote to Valentine's Day, inspired by a plan to rid the world of the memories of useless men (and useless women, if there are any) from the past. Limb by limb you dip the little chap into the bath water to dissolve away all the thoughts that are holding you back, so you are ready to start afresh with a nice person. At the same time you have a lovely deep blue bath with Butterball scent.







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