New flagging feature: Found an error? Let us know!

December 14, 2010

Here at ScentBase, we do our best to keep our data as clean (i.e. free of errors) and accurate as possible. We receive notifications of every scent added to the website, and we try to scan each of these for errors such as typos, missing information, incorrect information, etc.

But there are a lot of you (nearly 600 now! hi!), adding new scents every day, and there are very few of us.

So in order to help keep the site up to date and accurate, I've finally implemented the long-awaited flagging system for reporting errors, missing information, and so on. How does it work? It's super simple. When you view a scent (either via the quick look pop-up or the regular page interface), you'll see a little red flag icon, and a "Flag this" link. Just click that link, and a form will appear that allows you to describe the error. Then click "Submit" to submit the information.

That's it. Quick and easy. So the next time you discover a typo, a mis-categorized scent, etc., use this new tool to let us know.

As always, we appreciate your help!







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