Milk Oolong Gardenia

Milk Oolong Gardenia

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Wild Veil Botanical Perfume General Catalog Solid Perfume (Available)

Milk Oolong Gardenia☽•☾solid perfume from handmade extraits and enfleurage.

Milk oolong from Taiwan and raw Ohio honeycomb that I absoluted, with blood orange, set in my enfleurage of midsummer gardenias. The milky oolong absolute is saline and grassy, with unique milky, fruity qualities. I have three stages of gardenia enfleurage: early summer, midsummer, and late summer/autumn. The midsummer creation is heavenly clouds of sweet cream, with the early summer being the fruitiest, and the autumnal being lushly somnolent. You can almost taste the fat petals at dusk, still thrumming with July sunshine. Chartreuse in color, this cream perfume readily absorbs into the skin.


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