Yellow Musk

Yellow Musk

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Yellow Musk ?•?Paperwhite Enfleurage Perfume

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Narcissus || Jonquil enfleurage + Indian oud + Moroccan rose + Tahitian vanilla + Siberian tonquin + Australian sandalwood. My custard flower enfleurage is the creamy base. Remember the smell of cabbage patch dolls' skin? This is that vanilla in the best way, with Tahitian vanilla SCO2 enriching narcissus's floral pudding. Honey powder and baby skin. A cow chewing sweetgrass cud in a vanilla garden, surrounded by vanilla orchids and vanilla sprouts. There is egg custard made with real butterfat. The scent of that milky skin on just cooked custard. Crème anglaise swirled with the brett, lanolin alchemy of old stock Siberian tonquin and Indian oud SCO2. Jonquilla appears in the form of a tuberose buttercup with a green leaf back note adorning honeycomb genoise sprinkled with jonquil's pollen the color of egg yolk. Moroccan rose petals scatter. This rosa damascena absolute has pear, brandy, and cool framboise overtones. A fruit orchard at sunset, sheep footprints in the grooved mud. The texture is satin butter. Sweet pastry cream with the fromage bloom of sheep's milk.


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