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Wild Veil Enfleurage Perfume General Catalog Solid Perfume (Available)

Scorpio ?•? enfleurage perfume

a l c h e m y ?•?
Ripe white flowers humming at nightfall, drinking in booze, spice, and civet. Only the most luxurious ingredients for the Scorpion, I served this sign a base of my pure star jasmine enfleurage. Avocado butter charged a minimum of 36 times by prostrating the tiny white flowers daily upon its surface, for 2 months. Tuberose and kingly gardenia grandiflora speckle the white floral custard. Lily milk, apricots, and a musty dryout. Flower indoles thrum obscenely inside a civet and papyrus drum. Conditioned with cypriol, it wavers between botanical leather stretched across oak, and papyrus pepper. There's balsamic wine from oak wood, and muscatel vapors from green cognac, whose light astringency mingles with three examples of aged dark patchouli: Indian, Indonesian, and Sri Lankan. Bitter chocolate, mentholated leaves, and cloves pipe air through a white flower smothering. Two varieties of wild clove bud from Madagascar and Indonesia drop their warm, spicy, sweetness in, softening civet's skatole without being gourmand. To me, the star jasmine intrinsically releases a musky honeycomb note, so the inclusion of raw beeswax fixes and deepens that chord. Apply to pulse points to enhance the transformative quality of your sign. Please note this perfume is only available in solid form.


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