Queen of Mars

Queen of Mars

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Wild Veil Enfleurage Perfume Limited Edition Solid Perfume (Limited)

Queen of Mars ?•? enfleurage perfume (reformulated February 2019)

a l c h e m y ?•?
Fur bikini swept by musky white flower surf at the blue hour. Salty amber-tropics. A fluffy lei of tuberose, gardenia, and jasmine on sun-soaked skin. A little sweat. Leather sandals. A spray of sunset glints between trunks of sandalwood. Camphor, brown rice, and paperwhites. Skin notes awakened by the sun and chilled by nightfall. Breezy, intimate froth. This solid perfume is set in my gardenia, jasmine sambac, and paperwhite narcissus enfleurage, and includes my handmade absolutes of Namibian incense, jasmine rice, and white sandalwood. With my homemade Madagascar ambergris attar. Skews feminine.


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