Pink Golden Apple

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Violette Market Lost at Sea : Chapter 1 General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Under a thick rose-tinted glass dome sits a pink apple flecked in gold stolen from The Garden of the Hesperides. Greek Mythology is filled with references to the Golden Apples but it is the Pink Apples that are rarely mentioned because it was presummed that they didn't even exist at all. The apple is perfect in shape and form and a single golden leaf has unfolded gently for no other benefit than to signify the beauty and ethereal quality of the orb. Having been plucked from the tree the apple skin is surprisingly unblemished and glows with a warmth and beauty that are beyond this world.

The sweet and dewy scent of pink golden apples, twisting forest branches, vanilla root, wild raspberries, fir needle, and a dusting of Grecian forest loam.


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