Farm Fresh Cheesecakes: Single Slice

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Violette Market State Fair : 2013 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Farm-Fresh Cheesecakes, Single Slice: Select 1 "Slice" for your slice of cheesecake. Each "slice" equals 1ml of perfume, so each custom blend will be special, original, and completely unique. Please select your "slice" in the message box during check out. Each custom-created Cheesecake will be presented in a 5ml amber glass apothecary bottle***************** Orange * Lemon * Lime* Raspberry* Mint* Blueberry Cream* Honeysuckle* Osmanthus* Magnolia* Red Apple* Green Apple* Violets* Banana* Strawberry Cream* Vanilla Cream* Double Chocolate* Black Cherry* Bourbon Vanilla* Vanilla Orchid* Cardamom Cream* Coriander* Black Pepper Cream* Red Peppercorn* Smoke Infusion* Watermelon* Spiced Cherry* Peach* Peach Blossom* Cucumber* Lilac* Tomato Leaf* Bergamot Blossom* Coconut Cream* Marshmallow Fluff* Cinnamon Stick* Peppermint* Hazelnut* Almond* Amber Infusion* Salt Water* Seaweed* White Rice cream* Rosewater* Honey* Bubble Gum* Strawberry Cream* Lychee* Pineapple* Vetiver Infusion* Cut Grass* Summer Dirt* White Musk* Pralines and Cream* Lemon Iced Tea* Black Plum* Red Tea* Powder Infusion* Jasmine Cream* Orange Blossom* Sweet Orange* Gardenia* Black Musk* Golden Musk* Cedar Wood* Cypress* Black Pine* Leather* Butterscotch* Dark Caramel* Black Raspberry* Lemon Verbena* White Sandalwood* Pink Sugar* Pumpkin Sugar* Dark Rich Cocoa* Black Pine* Lemon Balm* Purple Basil* Rosemary* Coconut Water* Metal infusion* Dragon's Blood* Blood Orange* August rain* Rock Melon* Indian corn* Moroccan tea* Matcha green tea* Chai tea* Milk* Powder* Opium* Tonka bean* Orris root* Patchouli* Tea rose* Dark musk* Golden musk* Pink musk*


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