Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz

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Blue Topaz ?•? botanical perfume

a l c h e m y ?•?
All crystal chandeliers and flowers, Blue Topaz is a plantbased amber floral with a vintage profile. Transporting you to the dazzling glamour of 1920s Paris, Madagascar vanilla, iris powder, baby's breath and earl grey unfurl in tendrils of citrus, jasmine, tonka and husky incense. A cluster of citrus bursts forth — bergamot, wild sweet orange, melissa (lemon balm), and candied green mandarin — married to exquisite Himalayan cedarwood. But an amber floral heart is the gemmy center of Blue Topaz, with a sweet seduction of jasmine sambac and rose layered above amber, tonka and sweet myrrh. Frankincense, vetiver and shala smoke. Cinnamon notes and creamy delicate sandalwood balance the botanical musk costus root in a slightly animalic dry down that fixes and extends the sumptuous florals. Vegan. Skews feminine.


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