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Wild Veil Botanical Perfume General Catalog Solid Perfume (Available)

Medea ?•? botanical perfume

a l c h e m y ?•?
Adrift on an inky sea: amber and orange blossom tears, incense and herbs float on the bottom of a cedar-myrrh-sandalwood boat. Floral amber depths suffuse the wearer. Classical and pure, bergamot, orange blossom, wild oranges, and sage-like red cedar arrange the oneiric top notes. Deep and voluptuous, jasmine grandiflorum marries with tonka and a cluster of resins and balsams in the fragrant heart. The base is rich and spiritual: orris root's dark imprint, Mysore sandalwood buttermilk, caramel waves of Madagascar vanilla, and the leather echo of deep soil. Tragic, lovely and deep. Vegan. Skews feminine.


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