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Siren Song Elixirs Dragon Age General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

"I was Solas first. "Fen'Harel" came later...An insult I took as a badge of honor. The Dread Wolf inspired hope in my friends and fear in my enemies...not unlike "Inquisitor," I suppose." ~ Solas

"Trespasser" is inspired by the Dragon Age Inquisition DLC in which we learn more about the character Solas, and he truly is. In Dragon Age Origins we meet the ghost of the elf Shartan who's riddle is, "I'd neither a guest nor a trespasser be. In this place I belong, that belongs also to me." The answer, interestingly, is "home," which when used to examine Solas' situation, only raises more questions. In Trespasser, Solas can be perceived as dangerous, deadly, cold, and calculating or determined, fatalistic, mournful, and longing based on the player's choices. This fragrance is inspired a bit by both aspects of this character.

This custom blended fragrance is one of a series of fragrances inspired by Solas — see also Solas, Fen'Harel, Dread Wolf, Frilly Little Cakes, & Hierophant.

Fragrance — Rich, decadent notes of amber, leather, and smoky vanilla from labdanum absolute mixed with sultry jasmine creates a come-hither aura that exudes confidence and understated power. Tonka bean, black vanilla musk, ember smoke, and black pepper combine to form a mysterious accord that compliments the labdanum perfectly and adds depth. Hidden notes of dark chocolate, citrus, patchouli, and warm woods connect this fragrance to "Fen'Harel" while remaining a unique creation all on it's own.

Key notes: Dark & smoky vanilla, rich spiced amber, tonka bean, warm golden notes mixed with hints of sultry jasmine and worn leather.

This fragrance is Unisex.


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