Alabama — Creamy Sweet Flower Bower

Alabama — Creamy Sweet Flower Bower

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Possets Star Spangled Summer 2016 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Floral perfume lovers rejoice! This one is the essence of a hot sticky Southern night at the height of passion with the one who you love. I declare that Alabama is going to allow me free reign with floral accords I have to normally use super sparingly. What a treat! I have woven: pink fizzy mimosa, thick white magnolia, "confederate" jasmine, Mexican tuberose and Martinique gardenia. the effect is eternally woman, unabashedly sexy, and in command. These are all knit together with precious Sacred Frankincense to concoct a bombshell of a fragrance, deep white floral with deep incense leanings. A hypnotic if ever I smelled it. So very sweet, so very profound. Feminine, floral, devastating.


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