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Twyla Perfumes & Apothecary General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

A new scent for the Maia collection!

"Just as she entered, a chubby little girl, no more than three years old, came running through the doorway

and full-tilt against her knee. Maia, stooping, snatched her up and kissed her before she could begin to cry.

'Where were you running to, Lirrit, m'm? Running away, little banzi! Going to run all the way to Thettit, were you?' The little girl laughed and Maia began tossing her in her arms, singing as she did so.

'Bring me my dagger and bring me my sword. Lirrit's the lady to go by the side. I'm off to Bekla. to meet the great lord...' "

~" Maia", Richard Adams

*Mimosa, tuberose, gardenia, carnation, jasmine, berries, pomegranate accord, Bourbon vanilla, tonka, ginger, the faintest breath of pine, and pink pepper.

Innocent, feminine, this perfume captures the little girl in us all — a bit sweet, with a little bit of a mischievous kick — Lirrit comes on sweet and floral-fruity with a lovely Bourbon vanilla base — precious gardenia and spicy carnation make the perfect floral top-note, supported by the grounding jasmine. Mixed berries add a juicy-sweet opening while the ginger is muted but adds a bit of zing, along with the gently spicy pink pepper and pine adding a bit of freshness and spice. Incredibly complex. Beautiful!

Aromatherapy Notes — Mimosa is relaxing and de-stressing, helpful in easing anxiety; gardenia is likewise a calming, grounding and emotionally uplifting scent; tuberose is said to be relaxing, and is also used in aphrodisiac blends; carnation is said to have emotional-healing properties and is also good for easing skin irritations; jasmine is a very soothing, grounding scent, like all Indolic oils; ginger is awakening and mentally stimulating, and also very useful for warding off nausea; pink pepper is invigorating and awakening and is used in pain-relief blends as an analgesic; tonka is often used in good luck-spells, specifically in drawing material wealth as well as for releasing emotional and spiritual blocks, allowing one to move on after a period of great difficulty; vanilla, as always, is a calming and grounding scent.


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