Sweet Androgyny

Sweet Androgyny

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For Strange Women General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Sweet Androgyny is a 100% natural blend of essential oils and other botanical extracts that creates a warm, spicy, slightly sweet and mysterious scent that sets you apart from those who follow the social rules of gender identity. The scent is unisex in nature, and can be worn by anyone.

The base of this blend is that of an orange tree- Neroli (orange blossoms), Petitgrain (orange tree leaves), and Mandarin. The citrus is countered by earthy, exotic Patchouli. I know some people are afraid of patchouli, because by itself it is very strong. However, in this blend it gently comes through the other layers just enough to lend its gorgeous spice without overpowering.

There are several other essences in this perfume that add dimension, including Rosewood, Vanilla, and Jasmine. This wonderfully complex perfume is sure to further intrigue all of your secret admirers.


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