Neroli XXIII

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In Chaldean numerology, 23 is the 'Royal Star of the Lion' and considered one of the luckiest numbers of all because it brings the return of karmic rewards ("the good that you do comes back to you!"). It is the incarnation of spirit into matter and its influence is thought to facilitate radiant social charisma; substantial success in career and love; power over one's adversaries; assistance from powerful friends; and a wealth of material abundance. Not surprisingly, many people will go out of their way to incorporate the number 23 into their lives — some going so far as to change their names or addresses!

Neroli XXIII is delightful (and less drastic) way to anoint yourself 23 precious essences including — neroli (orange blossom), wild bergamot, mandarin, french lavender, lemon myrtle, rosemary, petitgrain, marigold, Sambac jasmine, parchment paper, amber santal, angelica root, palmarosa, tonka, and rosewood. A complex and unisex incantation to success in a modern world...


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