Sea Witch

Sea Witch

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Wild Veil Botanical Perfume General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Sea Witch ☽•☾ botanical perfume

a l c h e m y ☽•☾
Magical, sun-dappled daughter of the sea. White tropics hair, tuberose Tahiti lips, coconut-amber-orange skin. Sandal-woods on her feet. Wild, untamed oranges bob in a halo around this beauty. A smear of green tuberose beneath a lei of the fluffiest clouds of its most voluptuous blossoms. At night she sleeps inside a soft island hut woven from patchouli, sandalwood, and massoia bark. Her aromatic abode gives off a creamy, buttery coconut scent warmed by the sun, layered over spicy leaves and wood in the cool night. Under the black and fluorescent Indonesian night sky, she smokes a vanilla pipe with pods stolen from her sleepless swims to Tahiti and Madagascar. Vegan. Skews feminine.


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