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Wiggle Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Okay, I admit it, I've been going through a full-blown boho phase. Since summertime my closet (okay, fine, the clean clothes hamper on the floor) has been a psychedelic whirlwind of flowing skirts, vintage jeans, and crochet. I refuse to let go of my winged eyeliner, but I've made up for it by thoroughly neglecting my foundation garments. Even so, it never crossed my mind that I'd want to wear patchouli. I mean, how predictable is that? crept in there. And it came whispering little hints like "rose" and "raspberry". I couldn't help myself, I started with those three notes and added touches of vanilla, pepper, ylang ylang, and red musk...and it works! Goldie is brazenly bohemian but still modern and complex. It's bewitchingly dark and earthy, but with a sweet, sensual ripeness that will make you feel like letting it all hang out.


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