Halloween (2014)

Halloween (2014)

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VApothecary All Hallows' Eve : 2014 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

We like to bring out our Halloween scent ahead of time so that we may wear it all year round because 'Everyday is Halloween'.

Our scent for those that crave the spices of pumpkin and long for lighting the candle within a hollowed out Jack O'Lantern. This is our ode to the dark, the Vampires, the Ghosts, the Werewolves, the Witches, the Sorcerers, those that must be kept and the Creatures and Children of the night.

Our Jack O'Lantern sits on the steps of an old wooden house. The trees and grass has all grown over. The windows are broken and boarded up. The scent of spices loom from the hollowed smiling pumpkin as the candle begins to burn the flesh inside of it.

The creek of the front door opens and an old wrinkled face peers from it. A cackle in the night as the fog rolls in and a black cat scurries toward the beckoning old woman.

The moon is full and the scent of Halloween is upon us.

Label created by the one and only Author/Artist Poppy Z. Brite, especially for Nocturne Alchemy/VApothecary. The original painting haunts a wall in the NAVA Studio.

Halloween 2014: Black Chai Tea, Pumpkin Spices of Clove and Black Cardamom, Dried Cinnamon Broom, Bastet Amber, Loam, Indian Oud, Butter cream, Australian Ginger root, Vanilla and Black Musk.


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