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Twyla Perfumes & Apothecary General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

She had lost the imperative
to wish for traditional love,
with all its accoutrements –
marriage, children,
a leaky roof above...

This scent was inspired by the photographic art piece you see on the label and an accompanying poem (seen in part here) i wrote for my favourite biblical character, Lilith. Created out of the same dust as Adam, she demanded equality with her mate — and when he refused her, she fled in a rage, taking up with the archangel Samael instead. She gave birth to many children, and myth has her made out to be a "demon mother" who curses children, or a mother goddess, depending on which myth you are looking at.

This scent is extremely complex and changes as you wear it — it's exceptionally lovely!

Black currant, white ginger lily, hyacinth, cedarwood atlas, plumeria, sandalwood, white musk, cyclamen, jasmine and aged patchouli

Aromatherapy notes — black currant reduces inflammation and so is especially useful for relieving menstrual cramps; ginger lily helps one to find emotional balance and peace; cedarwood atlas helps to relieve stress and is also helpful to ease bronchial distress; jasmine is excellent for uplifting one's mood and easing exhaustion; patchouli is an excellent mood-lifter, stress-reliever and aphrodisiac.

Label art by me.

Fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, absolutes, C02s, natural isolates


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