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The Lotus Noir Perfumery Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

The struggle for the liberation of African people worldwide still continues. Never settle for our current oppression...because we exist, we resist!

— — Arrested Development, "Pride"

“Dressed to kill from head to feet. Baskets full of food to eat. You can't get this on your TV: The Juneteenth Jamboree!”

— Gladys Bentley

When we were children, every June was centered around various Juneteenth celebrations. We grew up on the West Coast and many black folks on the west side have connections with or originated from Texas. Juneteenth marked the beginning of each summer for us and the celebrations were all about family, community, amazing food, and honoring the struggles of our ancestors as well as reflecting upon the continued need for justice today. When we created this composition, we made it to honor those childhood memories. We never could have dreamed that Juneteenth would be made into a federal holiday.

The flag shown is the African American flag created in 1990 by David Hammons. Hammons was inspired by two symbols: The U.S. flag and the Pan-African flag. The Pan-African flag was initially adopted by Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association and the African Communities League in 1920. The Pan-African flag’s compelling colors of red, black, and green would continue to symbolize Black Power and the African diaspora into the 1960s, 70s and beyond. Hammond was also greatly inspired by the U.S. flag and the promise of equality and justice that it symbolized. Hammons’s interpretation of these two differing yet meaningful symbols for black Americans brings into sharp relief the mixed messages of America’s history.

What does it smell like? In honor of the occasion without a cloud in the sky and Frankie Beverly & Maze playing in the background, "Before I let go...", tables piled high with red velvet tea cakes slathered in thick buttercream icing, strawberry soda, and summer melon. Afterwards as the noon day stretches into early evening awakening the night jessamine, playing tag in verdant green fields of yellow flowers and falling asleep on a cozy blanket of vanilla.

Key Fragrance Notes:Coffee CO2, is what we used to create our red velvet accord, cocoa can often be too much for the delicate subtlety that is red velvet cake and we always strive to ensure that gourmands especially are not only reminiscent of the food that they represent but wearable in all situations from relaxing at home to a formal event. What to do? Red Velvet that isn't too sweet and is still grown and sexy? A shot of coffee and a fair dose of restraint were the answers. We hope that you will agree.


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