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Poesie Perfume General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Notes: slices of yellow cake layered with strawberry jam, fluffy vanilla icing, soft pink lotus blossoms

We know what you’re thinking. Oh, her. That slut-shaming goddess who went around turning her husband’s paramours/victims into random stuff. All transmogrification aside, Hera does have some things going for her.

She’s the queen of heaven. She has command over the stars, sky and weather. She created the Milky Way. The ancient Greeks considered her one of the most esteemed goddesses. And let’s not forget something very important about Hera — she is the goddess of marriage, which means she’s the goddess of weddings, which means she’s basically the goddess of — cake.

Queen of Heaven. The only cheating you should do around her is an extra slice of cake.


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