Vodka and Swearing

Vodka and Swearing

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Sucreabeille Bloody Murder General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Ah True Crime, is there anything better? In honor of our favorite true crime podcast hosted by Tara Sariban and Barney Black we have created scents to go along with getting murdery. Whether you're stroking your undoubtedly fantastic beard while applying Captain Moonlite beard oil thinking of all those who have wronged you, scrubbing up after a good homi- er ..exercise session with a Strawberry Milkshake whipped soap, or having a drink in the bath while shaving your legs with Lady Swears — this collection is sure to make you definitely not a suspect in a future episode- if only because you smell fantastic.

Vodka and Swearing

Ah, the best weekend activity. Vodka And Swearing is a fantastic mix with Juniper Sage and Lemongrass Mojito in the mix, some of this writer's favorite scents to go with her favorite activity. So pull up a chair, fluff up your dirty pillows,put on some Vodka and Swearing and partake in your favorite indulgence- Bloody Murder.

Scent Notes: Sedona, Juniper Sage, lemongrass, Mojito


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