High Noon

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Solstice Scents Masculine & Unisex General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Worn Holster Leather, Tobacco, Whiskey, Woods, Sand, Gun-Smoke, Musk & Soft Ladies' Perfume

Be it for revenge or love, there is only one way to settle the score. High Noon features all of the atmosphere of a showdown in the Old West. Upon cold sniff and initial application, you will walk through the saloon doors and be greeted with the scent of smooth oak-aged whiskey, tobacco leaf, worn leather and a desert-warmed wood-paneled saloon. As High Noon settles on the skin, it is rich and warm with the whiskey note adding sophistication and enhancing the tobacco, leather and woods in a very alluring way. Shortly thereafter, you will begin to notice the smooth whiskey retreat as a sheen of light skin musk emerges. The scent of a spicy-chypre perfumed bodice sensuously and delicately wafts in with dry hay notes blossoming just beyond. A sun-baked Earth and touch of gun-smoke start to gently weave in through the other notes. The resulting dry down features warm dry woods, worn brown leather, tobacco, a soft blend of skin and red musks, hot sand and a touch of spice and golden amber. An incredibly layered blend with deep character and an intoxicating scent. Cold sniff and initial application leans much more masculine but the scent evolves quickly through each stage described above, the whiskey note present on cold sniff is tamed early on and the dry down will be enjoyed by women who like a warm woody-leather-tobacco dominant blend with lots of atmosphere. The addition of the exquisitely perfumed ladies' bodices keeps this scent from falling into a dank overtly masculine fragrance category. Unisex.

High Noon features a blend of leather, tobacco, amber, red musk, skin musk, agar wood, sandalwood and chypre enhanced with the following essential oils and absolutes: tobacco, hay, buddha wood, labdanum, rooiboos, kapur kachari, aged patchouli and mitti attar.


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