Hand of Darkness

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Solstice Scents Summer Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Oceanic Accord, Rain Accord, Woods Blend, Black Pitch, Buddha Wood, Lime, Coriander, Tarragon, Amber — 5ml


The Hand of Darkness is a term coined by seafarers to describe the loss of the guiding light of the moon as it vanishes behind a thick misty veil. The resulting darkness makes the seas treacherous and difficult to navigate. This phenomena strikes fear into the heart of even the most grizzled mariner.

Hand of Darkness is a dark aquatic and woods blend. It opens with a tumultuous and disconcerting blend of oceanic accord (a blend of fragrance oils and seaweed absolute to evoke a realistic scent of the ocean), chilly rainwater, black pitch and the saturated planks of a wooden ship. On initial application expect to be pelted with a strong blast of cold rain and oceanic brine. The black pitch in between each of the ship's planks adds a dank quality at the base while the lime EO provides a jolting top note. After a few minutes, the danger begins to recede as the rain slows and a sliver of moon reveals a promise of visibility. At this stage, the light woods blend comprised of teak, copal and blue cypress begins to emerge along with a splash of sea spray. Shortly thereafter, the moon fully emerges and the calm seas signal the retreat to the dry warm Captain's quarters. Here the true dry down of this evocative scent is revealed. A tendril of spicy buddha wood EO begins to unfurl from the warm wooden base. The buddha wood will grow stronger over time but the dry wood notes remain unchanged. The dry down is achieved very quickly but you have to journey through the story of this scent to get to the finale. You must skin test Hand of Darkness in order to assess its true character. This scent hugs close to the skin and liberal application is recommended. Even though this scent starts out strong and masculine, the dry down is very wearable and may be enjoyed by Women who like darker wood blends.

Hand of Darkness is comprised along with several fragrance oils along with the following essential oils, absolute, CO2s and attars: mitti, blue cypress, copal bark, fossilized amber, swiss stone pine, lime, galbanum, coriander, seaweed, kapur kachari, tarragon and a small amount of lavender absolute.

An oil lamp illuminates charts upon your desk,
as cargo shifts belowdecks from the ceaseless roiling waves.
A bell is sounded from high above the hemp-webbed mast,
and the cry of "Capitan! Captian!" spreads across the deck.
You slip into your coat and mount the stairs to stand behind the wheel.
Spray overtakes the nervous crew as they struggle to shorten sail.
Your gaze takes to the horizon where you behold the source of panic.
A darkness is rising, obscuring the milky way and her constellations.
Gone is your bright beacon, the moon.

The crew amass before the helm, whispers of the Hand of Darkness spread.
A briny gale descends.
Mists clutch to every surface and waves smack the oakumed planks
The ship is silent save for the tension of rope and windlass,
and the beating flap of wind-lashed canvas.
A great wave crests the bow, yet you hold firm.
You cannot see your hands as they work the great wood wheel,
nor the twirling needle of your compass, so complete is the blackness.

Then the winds drop, and the mists lift with the spirit of the men.
Excitement is a contagion as the frothing waves fall back to gently roll.
First Scorpio blinks open, then a cheer for the reemergence of the trusted Southern Cross.
A smattering of pinpricks on the horizon herald the return of familiar night.
Just as an open hand will clench down to curl its fingers,
the Hand of Darkness subsides back into the palm of the sea,
and you resume the wheel to Northward before returning to your quarters by the light of your heavenly guide,
the great white moon.
— G.D.St. John


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