Estate Lavender

Estate Lavender

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Solstice Scents Perfume EDP Limited Edition Eau de Parfum (Limited)

ESTATE LAVENDER *NEW* (Eau de Parfum Exclusive)
Estate Vanilla, Lavender (many varieties), Bergamot, Black Tea, Coriander, Wild Violet, Davana, Heather, Rain

Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.

While Estate Lavender is lavender forward, it is primarily lavender-heavy in the opening and morphs from there. We have combined several wild and organic lavenders from France, Bulgaria and Italy, including a lovely maillette. Coumarin heavy lavender absolute and liatrix absolute is also present. The lavender is paired with a black tea accord (natural and synthetic blend), bright bergamot and organic coriander, a light smattering of fresh wild violets, a sprig of purple heather and a cool mist of rain.

It opens with a strong blast of lavender, bergamot and coriander. The violet comes just behind but it is light, fresh, delicate, not very powdery and used with careful restraint. A bit of davana with it's almost herbal blueberry scent peeks out here and there with the violet. The black tea immediately follows. It is primarily dried black tea leaves but there is a bit of the strong, very dry steeped black tea in there is well. It wafts in and out as your nose goes looking for it. The pairing with bergamot gives it a bit of an Earl Grey tea feeling. The rain is a light mist that tickles the nose and feels almost effervescent. The light mist and cool fog begins to emerge after detecting the tea. The purple heather adds a bit of fresh floral that works as a nice accent note. The dry down features Estate Vanilla and black tea as the most prominent notes with a touch of heather and faint traces of lavender absolute and violet.

The mood of this scent is slightly somber, sophisticated, quiet, contemplative, haunting.

A must for lavender lovers. It's an amazing sleep scent for those of you who enjoy lavender fragrances before bed. Highly recommended on that front. Also a good one to calm frayed nerves and de-stress, if you are responsive lavender based aromatherapy.

Eau de Parfum Exclusive (2.5 ml and 60 ml)


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