estate Amber

5 x 1 2 3 4 5

Solstice Scents Winter Collection Limited Edition Eau de Parfum (Limited)

Estate Amber features our house vanilla, Estate Vanilla, in the amber accord. This perfume is all about amber: golden, sweet, deep and slightly resinous with subtle accent notes of cardamom absolute and organic coriander. Opens with a sparkling zing but proceeds to a gorgeous and pervasive amber. Wears fairly linear but each time you smell it, you'll detect something different. It may be sweet or resinous, warm and sunbaked or slightly smoky. It's a fantastic tenacious amber that performs awesome on clothing. Would be a great main attraction to spray on clothing while wearing another one of our amber or incense perfume on skin. For instance, Basilica, Incensum, Conjure, Conjure Dark, Astral Temple or Scrying Smoke would make great companion scents to wear on pulse pints while enveloped in a cloud of Estate Amber on clothing.


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