eNVie Noir Lyceum

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Nocturne Alchemy eNVie Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

An unprecedented set of five new oud/black tonka/saphir exclusive perfume oils blended with beautiful natural, absolute and essential oils to create a new library collection and extremely limited to 15 bottles each.

Oud found in the deepest humid places on Earth from sustainable exotic agarwood and limited in number due to sourced precious agarwood/oud.

Perfume grade Organic Black Tonka Bean from Brazil, South America and organic coumarin absolute fromVenezuela Tonka create a sweet delightful aromatic nuance to the perfumes.

eNVie Noir Lyceum

A beautifully spiced cardamom, sweet vanilla-oud-saphir heaven. Delightful perfume notes imported and blended into the eNVie saphir house note. Sweetened with rich tonka, vanilla bean and exquisitely spiced with the highest quality of cardamom and exotic wood of agarwood.


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