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Sage Goddess General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

My Merlin perfume is going to bring out the all-powerful wizard in you. When you need a stronger, more direct path to your magic, this is your scent. Merlin is one of my most exclusive perfumes – in part because of the quality and rarity of the ingredients, but more importantly because this potion channels Merlin's power. When you order, you'll also receive a piece of merlinite to incorporate into your wizardry. Merlinite is a transformational stone that reveals ancient mysteries and channels the wisdom of our elders from beyond the Veil.

This rich, Divine Masculine blend is your Divine Feminine counterpart. Some say Merlin's work was dark in nature, but I find that his gifts honor and bolster feminine strength. Merlin is the primary wizard in legend and myth from Arthurian history. He is a figure of power and deep wisdom whom kings and mythical leaders called upon for his sorcery. The people of his time revered and respected him; some even feared him.

I designed Merlin to have top notes of lightly sweet floral and citrus that dry down to a musky base of woods and resins. Japanese grapefruit, wild grape, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang, and jasmine are just a few. The 10 total essential oils and essences in this blend will take you into the dark, enchanted forests of legend, where the Earth is brimming with intense mystic energy. Anoint yourself, anoint your stones and candles. And you will feel the heat, you will hear the spark, you will see the light shooting towards the night sky. The best will be able to draw it all into your wizard's staff to use it in your work.

Wear Merlin as your magical cloak, to shroud yourself in wisdom and power, but wield this tool with tremendous care – it is potent stuff!! Make sure you're ready for it.

May his storied wizardry imbue you with great magic.


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