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Commodity Goods White Collection General Catalog Eau de Parfum (Available)

The best addition to Sunday brunch, this bright and luminous fragrance offers an optimistic outlook and a brilliant take on life. A marriage of bubbly champagne and tangy citruses, the fruity floral scent sparkles with notes of blood orange, mandarin and sheer jasmine.

Commodity Mimosa is part of the White Collection which includes bright, fresh and uplifting fragrances for him, for her and for you.

"Mimosa flowers bring optimism in the winter through their bright yellow blossom. The inspiration for this fragrance is this rush of energy and light radiating all around the tree when everything is still asleep. This incredible tree blooms bringing an instant brightness as you see the reflection of these golden blossoms illuminate all their surroundings."—Olivia Jan, Master Perfumer

TOP NOTESRecognized immediately upon application of the perfume

Lemon, Bergamot, Blood Orange, Mandarin

MID NOTESThese “Heart notes” appear once the top notes evaporate

Orange Blossom, Black Pepper,Sheer Jasmine

BASE NOTESFinal fragrance notes that appear once the top notes are completely evaporated

Orris, Musk, Blond Wood


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