Crocus Pocus

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Possets Spring Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Crocus Pocus Dominocus, as the nursery rhyme says about the magic trick of spring. The image is a crocus from my back door and the fragrance is really heartbreakingly nice. Saffron is the dominant note in this surprisingly stately fragrance. It is cold, stony, and grown up.Strong and pretty "grey" musk that I make up as a Possets special is featured as a backup to the saffron, the crocus scent has a good shot of greeness to it but the kind that doesn't say "grass" but that says "exhalations of greenery growing quickly".I would say that this is also a floral but it's not a FLOWERS sort of floral, it's more of a blend that uses flowers for a "glide" from one non floral note to the other. A sophisticated but pretty pretty blend. Early Spring 2009.


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