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Poesie Perfume Celestial Goddess Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

Notes: fried dough, ghee, syrup spiked with saffron and cardamom, pistachio, a drop of rosewater

Aditi is the Hindu goddess of the sky, infinity and the unconscious. She is the mother of deities and the celestial mother of all beings. It is believed that before creation, all the universe was contained in her womb. She is worshipped for protection, creativity, and motherhood, often with the lighting of ghee lamps and offerings of sweets.

If you’ve ever had jalebi hot from a street vendor in India, you can imagine the addictive nature of this perfume. If not, add that experience to your life goals and in the meantime, slather yourself in Aditi. Delightful golden fried dough fried in buttery ghee is soaked in syrup which has been delicately flavored with saffron, cardamom a tiny hint of rosewater, and sprinkled with pistachios. The result is a slightly nutty, buttery, sweet lightened by the spices and floral notes. Sweet as childhood and addictive as sin.


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