Set's Green Amber Pumpkin

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Nocturne Alchemy Forum Exclusive Perfume Oil (Limited)

Set is at it again except this time he has added the luxurious Green Amber note to the fold. The Green Amber note is haunting as much as it is an important role in NAlloween for this blend! Wear this to scare away the ghouls and goblins that haunt your neighbourhood and let the trolls beware of it when you wear it passing over their bridge. This scent is a deeper haunted scent full of ghosts and the feel of walking through a haunted house as the midnite hour is near.

Nocturne Alchemy Amber: Egyptian Sandalwood, Patchouli White, Rose Rock Resin, Nokturne:Sapphire (Amber Musk), Nokturne:Crystal (Vanilla Musk), Pumpkin Amber Resin, Pumpkin Rum Resin all whipped in a bowl of rich sweet buttered perfume and blended with the deepest and darkest of very rare Green Amber for this special NAlloween to come!


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