Pakhet Amber

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Nocturne Alchemy Royal Amber General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Pakhet Amber is a perfume created from Amber Resin transformed over time in the lab into a beautiful enhancing Royal Amber oil experience, Amber Resin imported from Alexandria and lit from the truest essential oil of Rare and Exotic Guiacwood and Crystal Benzoin and Crystal Frankincense. Using the base of the Amber described above the resin has been turned into a fossilized perfume resin from ancient recipes and then turned back into perfume oil diluting nothing only the use of Alchemy and inspiring this scent to be made and created for the Goddess Pakhet. Warrior, protector and huntress. Pakhet Amber infuses rare spices of Blue Peppercorn, White Clove Bud, Virgin Nutmeg Shaving over the warmth of Ambers from Nepal and Egypt and sifted through Sapphire (Amber Musk) to create a spiced amber that changes over time on the skin. The perfume will arise from your skin and connect with your chemistry naturally and become even more sensual when your skin is warmed by the sun or naturally. A sensually charged perfume created by Bastet of NA and final perfume finished and harmonized under the 2012 Super Moon!


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