Orchid Crystal

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Nocturne Alchemy Bastet's Garden General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

In the hothouse, just East of the Garden, a small collection of Pink Vanda Orchid sit and wait for me. Their scent is soft as a feather and floats in the warmth of the hothouse with delicate touches of mist spraying the delicate petals. I wanted this orchid perfume to be elegant and still have the glow of a sweetness coming in from the morning sun and the morning dew of outside.

An evening bloom of Orchid from the hothouse that becomes deliciously delicate on the skin you may find it is not there but to others, it is a scent that allures closeness to the skin to inhale the orchid petals and soft vanilla musk that wears like a silk of scent.

I walk in the hothouse sometimes and the heat warms my skin underneath my coat, a deep downward cat position and upward tiger and I inhale the scent of surreal orchid. When it is cooler outside, like now, I retreat to the hothouse and lay myself along the wooden boards that line the floor and stretch out on my back looking up at the strange alien-esque effigy from above. These strange petals look down upon me and scent my feline body with a soft rain of mimosa and even a little gardenia in their fragrance but only subtle in the warmth of the room. I find myself drawn to this place as my own sanctity sparing all thoughts and allowing the perfume to permeate me and my senses and leave the rest of the world and time outside.

Just a drop or two before a feline must return to the world, regained of energy and prowess and allowing the sweetness of the Crystal Vanilla Musk to sweeten lightly the warmth of the orchid. A restful moment, inhale and back into the world again to stand along time and make sure my steps to each second are without remorse nor haste, but only simplicity of being.

Pink Vanda Orchid Accord, Mimosa Essence, a quiet drop of Gardenia and Crystal Vanilla Musk to sweeten the moments in between; an enchanting perfume blend for walking through a gallery and being surrounded by art, books and perhaps after, finding a nice glass of crisp champagne has been waiting just for you.

The Entire Bastet's Garden Collection comes in Amber NApothecary 5ml Bottle or in single Skarab sample vial. Gold Label. Try this layered with; Moonstone, Kobalt, Crystal or Sapphire Nokturne Perfumes to bring out the eloquence within the orchid Accord.

Thank you to my dear friend M.I. for introducing me to the Botanical Garden in Berkeley where I have drifted into Orchid time, for which this perfume was composed in honor of.


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