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Nocturne Alchemy Gods, Goddesses & Deities General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

Hatmehit, Goddess of Life and Protection. Also identified as the Goddess ISIS, she is the Mother to Horus and wife of Osiris. Goddess often depicted with a fish upon her head as her crown of the Nile.

Protection in scent goes back to many herbs, particularly Sage. Sage the ether of cleansing spirits, homes and the self of negative energy and negative thoughts. When we feel something darker upon our home, we burn sage as an offering to wield away the energy and cover ourselves in the smoke of the sage leaf thus protecting our spirits from entities we cannot see or touch. During our ritual of cleanse we focus the affirmation not of religion but the act of affirming "No negative energy, only positive energy". Within this ritual we put a drop of sage oil upon our wrists and of the ash of the sage leaf we press the leaf into our palm with a finger and then press that imprint onto the beings in the house (human and animal) to protect us during our sleep. This ritual became simply because we took the research of sage and created something that worked for us as a spiritual cleansing during the moments in our lives when we needed something beyond ourselves.

The ritual of sage has traversed many civilizations throughout the time of man and perhaps it is simply a mental affirmation or perhaps it simply a bonding of belief and spirituality and positive energy that is stronger than the negative of the day. The Mazatec Shamens believed burning sage as a visionary state of consciousness thus allowing the spiritual side to see rather than by mere mortal sight. White sage also used by early Egyptians was burned in Temples to create an incense of delight and to neutralize bad energy.

White Sage, Seer Sage, Divine Sage, Black Cedarwood, Blue Sage, Desert Sage and Sweetgrass Incense.


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