Desert Thunderstorm EDP

5 x 1 2 3 4 5

Solstice Scents General Catalog Eau de Parfum (Available)

Desert Sage, Pinyon Pine & Resin, Petrichor, Sweetgrass, Creosote Bush, Sand, Ponderosa Pine, Smoke

This perfume has been slightly reformulated from the original. It is very similar to the 2015 version but not exact. Notes of pinon resin, pinon pine, desert sagebrush, petrichor, sweetgrass, creosote bush, sand, rabbitbrush, ponderosa pine and smoke from a canyon fire. This blend contains pinon resin that we gathered in New Mexico. It also contains a variety of essential oils from desert plants in New Mexico and Utah from a small artisanal distiller. The blend is primarily composed of essential oils but also contains a few synthetics.

When first applied, you get a blast of rain and herbal sage, pine and a touch of creosote. It has a slight bit of High Desert odor but if High Desert were completely drowned in rain and had pinon, ponderosa and deep char notes. The smoke/fire accord is very resinous, like burning pitch. It is deep, not an acrid smoke or bbq but a thick sap on fire. It sits just at the base of this fragrance and is awash in rain and desert plants. The rain/creosote bush scent does not last for hours into the dry down aside from a trace but it is present for some time. The blend does eventually head more herbal and woody but there is no mistaking that through the whole wear of this perfume, you will pick up different desert elements. High Desert is more sage dominant but you can pick out the sage in Desert Thunderstorm as well.


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