Eternal Necropolis

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Nocturne Alchemy The Eternals General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

The Necropolis, the city of the Dead, the place where this life crosses into the next. The idea behind Eternal Necropolis was to sanction the eternal resting place of scent and create a perfume that was dark with scents of shadow and still retain the nature of the amber in all of the Eternal line.

A scent of walking through the Eternal Necropolis and realizing time and the ancients continue through history and the memory of the Myth, the lore and the eternity of Egypt.

Egyptian Black Earth Cedar Essential Oil from Aswan, Black Clove Seed, Egyptian White Musk, Egyptian White Amber, Black Myrrh, Nokturne: Tabasheer (Rich Black Musk) and White Pepper Essential Oil.


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