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Twyla Perfumes & Apothecary General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

A blend that's a bit on the androgynous, unisex side; a little bit sweet with exotic spices and a splash of bitter almond (smells rather like cherries), Roobios absolute, clove, saffron, musk (from plant sources) and a blend of incense notes. Impossible to pin down, this scent is one moment smoky and swirling with incense, the next sweet and almost leathery, the next brimming with deep, fruity black teas and rich tobaccos and spices. A very complex scent.

Musk seed, nagramotha, cardamom, dark patchouli, myrrh, clove, pomegranate accord, spice, amber and rose otto.

Aromatherapy notes: Musk seed, or ambrette seed, is a good mood-lifting oil and in massage is especially beneficial in easing anxiety as well as increasing blood flow; Nagramotha is said to be useful as an anti-inflammatory and good a nervine tonic; Cardamom is a good muscular and respiratory anti-spasmodic. Patchouli is useful in easing depression and is a good anti-bacterial as well as useful in skin preparations (especially for dry, troubled skin); Myrrh is a powerful anti-oxidant; Clove is a very useful pain reliever; Rose is renowned as a mood-lifter and is often used in anti-depresssion blends.


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