Dragon Patchouli

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Nocturne Alchemy New Year's Tomb Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

The fourth of a line of Limited Editions exemplifying the perfume resin of Dragon's Blood and notes that are perfect for these blends. The scent of a Dragon's garden created by Emerson Hart & Jacek Rose.

This version of Dragon's Blood blends a South American Sangra de Grado with a blood red Egyptian Dragon's Blood Resin. The Patchouli is a dark and aged Patchouli Noir with a hint of smoke and clean to the nose. A beautiful Patchouli on its own, this beckoned the Dragon. Both accords release a smoking Dragon of incense and pitch, of a driven alchemy that binds the two into a different type of Dragon's Blood perfume.

These elements began as resin and sequenced into a perfume oil formulation and then tempered into each other until the right moment arose when they met each other on the right vibrancy note. This perfume will become even more beautiful as it ages into maturity.

After this part of the equation has been mastered, Jacek blended an our N3 Musk and Crimson Egyptian Red Musk perfume into it, giving it a sensual undertow.

Aging this a few months, what has come from the right equation and the right elements to bring forth Dragon Patchouli. A perfume created by Emerson of NA and Jacek of VA. This scent alone or worn with 'Archeaon' from the Techno Bastet Collection or 'Santavius' of the Immortals or 'Count Dracula' by VA, to bring a darker and more sensual side when layering perfume.

Mysore Sandalwood (India), Aged Patchouli Noir, Dragon's Blood Resin (from Egypt), Sangra de Grado (of South America), a drop of White Pepper (Indian), N3 Musk and the undertow of Crimson Egyptian Musk.


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