Nokturne Duality: Ruby Tiger's Eye

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Nocturne Alchemy Nokturne Duality Forum Exclusive Perfume Oil (Limited)

Summer is something beautiful to be a part of, the warmth, the life, the birds chirping, the sun reminding us we are alive. With this Duality we wanted to take the beautiful nature of cherry in perfume and blend it into the delicate spice of Nokturne:Tiger's Eye. Tiger's Eye is the spice of beautiful incense intertwined with Egyptian Dragon's Blood, Egyptian Frankincense, delicate Sandalwood and smoke to represent the eye of the tiger for this meditative scent. This is THE Egyptian Nag Champa of NA with an ethereal kiss of Egyptian Musk lying underneath and now with a bright and sensual cherry accord to embrace, let fade and then return on the skin with the spice and incense from Tiger's Eye.


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