Ankh Vintage 2009

4 x 1 2 3 4 5

Nocturne Alchemy Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

February, 2009
This is the FIRST of the new and celebrated Vintage 2009 line coming from 2 years of aging in cedar and oak barrels.

In the lab, we have had the original Ankh perfume placed in a cedar and oak cask barrel for aging for over two years. This perfume began aging back in 2009; perfecting a deeper, richer, more exotic ode to the Ankh.

We have been working with a local wine vineyard for a few years on the process and principles of creating a vintage wine. During the process we have become educated on the ability to achieve something similar in perfume form and thus have created a few batches of a few very special perfumes just for special occasions!

For this blend we found it time to take the harvest blend of the original Ankh and split the blend 85/15.

This process rounds the scent in the harmony of the wood and pulls from the cask a true essence of true cedar oil and oak in its truest form. It is an epiphany to put something inside of a beautiful wood and what emerged was an alchemy of scent we believe is the next step into things to come.

The word in Egyptian hieroglyph — pronounced sounded as 'ankh'. The ankh means life. One of my favorite suggestions of it's meaning is said the Ankh is the male symbol for Osiris as the cross combined with the female symbol of Isis with her oval. Thus the union of Heaven and Earth.

Enraptured times, full of gold, Egyptian sand, religion, life and death and all the scents flowing of the Nile. A peaceful scent. Egyptian Musk of the original Nokturne single note, ether of Egyptian Sandalwood and far east wind arising and exhaling from the Nile and slumbering into the subtle spice of Nokturne:Crimson (Egyptian Red Musk) infused for 2 years in a cedar and oak barrel releasing natural wood essential oils and as an added kiss to life; five star anise fruits sat within dispensing a beautiful incense adding a sultry spice to this blend of Life.


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