Temple NA: Tranquility

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Nocturne Alchemy Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

For this special Limited Edition, it is the way to try the original Temple NA perfume in a soft and ethereal palette.

This perfume is built from many layers of beautiful imported Indian and Egyptian Incense based oils. Dark Sandalwoods, Pure rich warm smoke, Musk Incense, Musk Florals and Egyptian Woods. For Temple NA: Tranquility (our first of six Temple NA Limited Editions) we blended the soft allure of the Vanilla from Eternal Ankh, the breath of Crystal (Vanilla Musk) and the suppleness of Crimson (Egyptian Red skin Musk) until the original Temple NA was a soft incense within the perfume composition and not the robust original Temple scent . The components melded together in a way that became tranquil as the scent glided over the skin and the scent was captured above like a fine exotic incense that was not too much of an incense, but an elevated cast of the original perfumes' vapour.

Tranquility is for the moments after work. A glass of wine. A moment to the self, for the self. A secluded space in the mind during a well attended art exhibition. A place between notes during a symphony played before you. A Temple within the self to breath slowly and deeply inward and understand there is no better place but to exhale and allow the serene to bloom from within. That is what Temple NA is about.


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