Amethyst Holiday Blend

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Nocturne Alchemy NAliday : 2012 Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Limited)

For the last of our Holiday Blends, this is our offering of Amethyst Holiday, hand blended with the beauty and spirit of the coming seasons in mind!

Amethyst is a beautiful signature Nokturne of a vanilla sandalwood with teak and soft transcendental woods. With this Holiday Blend we took Amethyst and Lovingly dripped it slowly over days into a blend of White Amber, White Sandalwood, Egyptian Allspice, Egyptian Black Tea and Nepalese Amber. The spices in both Holiday blends are soft and there to enhance a depth within the nature of the soft part of the blend.

This is a scent to wear after a warm bath perhaps, or a moment cozied up by the fire or in your favourite chair after everyone has gone to bed and solace is required. As all NAVA are intended to be shared with that special someone, we always insist it is a perfume to share with the self, what better someone to share it with than the Love of the self?! A drop of perfume on the skin, an inhale as your eyes close and you have made a moment for yourself. Balance and recharge.


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