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Envoyage Perfumes General Catalog Perfume Oil (Available)

"Sinta" Artisan Perfume Oil 1/8 fl oz in an amber colored apothecary bottle.

Sinta is a delicately spiced, uber sensual blend of exotic spices & deep resins, reminiscent of fragrances found on the ancient Spice Trade routes.

Top notes of fresh red apples & yummy cardamom stay with you through dry down, followed by vanilla essential oil, amber essential oil, incense accord, sandalwood, teak wood, and a hint of plumeria, as well as a few little secrets pull this exotic fragrance together.

Fragrance Family: Oriental/Spice — Season: Fall — Time of day: Any — Mood: Romantic

*This fragrance contains Spice essential oils and can be irritating to sensitive skin. Please test it on your skin prior to wearing*


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